Eden Weinhardt is the Drama Queen by Benjamin Kanarek for SCMP STYLE


Set in the 16th century Renaissance Chateau de Weinhardt Chapel and under the reign of François the 1st and the Royal Médicis family, Queen Eden the 2nd of Prussia enters her Chapel for prayer and solace. It is a solemn moment, as she has just heard that her lover Sir Jean-Paul of Gaultier will be beheaded for transgressions against the Kingdom.

Queen Eden Weinhardt was photographed by Baron Benjamin Kanarek for the October Issue of Her Royal and Regal Magazine SCMP STYLE.

In her presence and attending to console her will be Sir Balmain, The Prince of Chanel, Baron Ungaro, Lady Prada, Duke Marc Jacobs, Prince Rochas, Baron Margiela, The Duchess Van Herpen, The Duke of Valentino, Baron Fendi, Sir Alexander McQueen, Lady Marni, Duke Dolce of Gabbana, The Archduke of Kenzo, Baron Dries Van Noten, Lady Chaumet, The Duke and Duchess of Burberry, Sir Cavalli, The Duke of Valli, Lady Dary’s, Sir George Morand, Lady Causse, The Duchess of Goossens, Sir Neith Nyer, The Duke of Weitzman, Princess Olympia Le-Tan and of course their royal entourage.