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Going Dutch: Gaite Jansen for InStyle UK

Actress Gaite Jansen shows how to wear shirts with maxi skirts for the June 2016 issue of InStyle UK, photographed by Jasper Abels and styled by Arabella Greenhill.

Here’s the short interview with Gaite:

InStyle UK: Did you like filming Peaky Blinders?

Gaite Jansen: ‘I don’’t need to tell you what an amazing actor Cillian Murphy is, but to be so close to him and see him act, not through a screen, but with my bare eyes? That was definitely something I’’ll never forget.’

The show is renowned for its chic street wear. Did you get to wear some good outfits?

‘I really did. I play a young aristocrat forced to flee Russia after the revolution so her outfits were really beautiful and grander than many of the other cast members. What’s great about working on a show like Peaky Blinders is that it’s so fun to experiment with costumes from different eras. They made some really pretty pieces for me and I loved having fun with them. Not many people get that opportunity.’

Are you a fashion junkie?

‘More and more as I grow older. When I was younger, I didn’’t really care about clothes. I was a tomboy and would spend the day climbing trees and getting dirty. I really love Dior, Chanel and Louis Vuitton –- I dream of them for the future. But for now I love And Other Stories. You have to grow into some things. I want to wear Chanel when I can afford Chanel.’

You’’re well known in Holland. Do you get papped?

‘I do, especially when I go out in Amsterdam, but we don’t have the kind of hysterical level of fame that you have in England and the US. Holland’s film business is based in Amsterdam, where I live, but I think the general public are used to seeing people who they’’ve seen on TV. Nothing weird happens, luckily.’

If you weren’t an actor you’’d be……

‘It’s not realistic because I can’’t really do anything else! But if I had to give it all up tomorrow I would love to be a psychologist or a children’s therapist.’

What’s your dream film role?

‘I get really excited when I get a script where the woman is not necessarily a sexual object or the girlfriend, the wife or the sister; I like it when the story is more focused on
her. The more a role is not anything like me, the more fun it is.’

Have you had much experience on the red carpet?

‘Only in Amsterdam and they’’re really small. You come across all the same photographers, who are really friendly and nice. I’’ve seen pictures of English and American red carpets and those
things are huge and crazy looking in comparison.’

Can you imagine living anywhere but Amsterdam?

‘Of course! We filmed Peaky Blinders in Liverpool over three months, which was great, but I feel I need to experience more of England. So if there are any British casting directors out there reading this…

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